There are many different types of addictions however the most common are probably addiction to some type of substance like alcohol, drugs or food.

When most people think about addiction, they may typically make reference to drug or alcohol addiction. Different people have different addictions. While some of these find peace and comfort in alcohol and tobacco, others have more dangerous addictions that can get them killed when they do not address the problem. Someone is addicted when they’re compelled to use something again and again that may be harmful. Addiction can vary based upon the substance involved, age and gender of the addicted individual, and also the presence of co-occurring conditions.

There are many different types of addictions however the most common are probably addiction to some type of substance like alcohol, drugs or food. These addictive behaviors have a tendency to alter a person’s brain chemistry. Whenever a person is addicted to a substance and doesn’t continue consuming that substance, they’ll likely experience withdrawal. Withdrawal is commonly unpleasant and users will consume much more of a substance in order to avoid it.

Many people are afflicted by different addiction types other than drugs and alcohol, and here are some of them.

Alcohol Addiction

It is no big secret that people love alcohol: for that taste, for the fun, for that thrill of it. However, some of these take their alcohol addiction a mile further, enough where the liquor has started to hinder their social, personal and romantic life. Besides this, it is a known proven fact that alcohol abuse it is one of the leading causes of accidents within the entire world, and thousands of irresponsible drunk drivers claim the lives of innocent people on the highway.

Gambling And Shopping

Casinos and shopping malls are enticing simply because they seem innocent-enough. This is because winning, or taking home a possession, induces excitement and pleasure that leads to continuing the behavior, sometimes to immeasurable lengths. For example, the gambler or shopping addict may spend all their money and go into debt, even when they have a family to care for. Reaching rock-bottom having a gambling or shopping addiction can lead to homelessness.

Internet Addiction

The increasing popularity of the Internet has been along with a rise in Internet addiction. Whether people are ensnared in chat, forums, web surfing or other online pursuits, time spent in front of the computer can escalate into addiction territory. Internet addiction is often combined with other types of addictions, such as an addiction to game titles, porn, or online gambling.

Tobacco Addiction

The second most common addiction after alcohol may be the tobacco addiction. Cigarettes come in hundreds of different shapes and flavors, and you will find hundreds of millions of tobacco smokers all across the globe. The truth is that smokers are not particularly attracted to the cigarettes, but to the high nicotine content that’s present in them. It is the nicotine that creates the addiction before you even get the chance to realize it.


Some people want to please others in order to feel love in exchange. Even though sex is a physical act, it satisfies the requirement for love and attention that those with sexual addictions crave. Some sex addicts change partners often in order to have the excitement experienced from a first-time encounter. At rock-bottom, sex addicts might end up loveless or with sexually transmitted diseases.


This really is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous addiction right now, not only because drug abuse slowly destroys people who use them from inside out, but additionally because of the high risk of contracting diseases with the needles used for injecting them.

Common Types of Addictions

Common Types of Addictions

Work Addiction

The final entry on this list of the most common addictions is one that may be considered a good thing: work. Hard work is usually something that people admire and many parents teach their kids that it is the key to getting what they need out of life. When work becomes an obsession, it is a problem. Should you get to the point where you can’t stop working and considering work when you are supposed to be off the job, it might be a sign that your dedication has changed into an addiction.